In case you forget…

2011 is a prime number year, which makes this a prime number year. The next prime number year will be 2017. That means we have just two prime number dates — when day, month, and year are all prime numbers — left this year: 11/23/2011 and 11/29/2011. Then we will have to wait until February 2, 2017, for another prime number date.

I figured I had better tell you in case you wanted to do something special on Wednesday, or a week from Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “In case you forget…”

  1. I am partial to the palindrome dates, like 11/02/2011 (or the way I normally see it in log files 20111102). So I have a much longer wait.

  2. I’m planning on spending Wednesday with my family–including my mother and her boyfriend, who will have traveled a long way to see us–all of us enjoying down time and cooking wonderful food together, all in honor of the penultimate prime number day of 2011.

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