I’m watching the slow launch of Google+ with very cautious optimism. On the one hand, Google has a bad habit of introducing a new product, handling it badly, and then abruptly abandoning it; remember Google Wave? On the other hand, we desperately need a solid competitor to Facebook, a social networking product which is buggy, clunky, and not at all trustworthy.

Those of us in the religion world already know that we will be using social networking tools more and more as time goes on — it would be really nice if we had additional social networking options, and it would be even nicer if there were popular social networking options that were well-designed. Facebook is not particularly well designed; it’s better than MySpace, perhaps, but not by much. Will Google+ provide a better-designed social networking option?

5 thoughts on “Google+?”

  1. I sure hope this will rock. It looks promising, and yes, an alternative to Facebook would be great. This time, with Circles, to get “friends” and degrees of separation right on the front end. Now, if only I had an invite….:)

  2. Justin @ 1 — You write: “Now, if only I had an invite”

    Yeah. Frickin Mark Zuckerberg got an invite, what’s he got that I haven’t got, aside from control of a multibillion dollar company?

    Carol @ 2 — “Like”? “Like”?! No no no, no Facebook terms any more!

  3. did you all get the invites you want? I’m logged on with no circles to speak of – but glad to share….

  4. Ms. M. — Everyone above has an invite, so you can search for us to include in your circles.

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