So I got an invite to Google+ (thanks, Scott). First impressions: it looks well-designed and fairly easy to use. But there also appears to be some real depth to Google+: Will posted a link to an online article titled “How Google+ ends social networking fatigue,” which outlines ways to use Google+ to replace Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and even email. One big lack: Google+ still doesn’t support RSS; I’m assuming that will be added.

So far, so good. The real test will come as I see if Google+ takes up more of my time, or whether it makes my life easier.

One thought on “Google+!”

  1. Hooray! So glad you and Scott have accounts already. It seems to me Google+ will be much more important (leveragable or whatever the word is?) for congregations and the Digital Reformation (in the words of Elizabeth Drescher – “Tweet if You {Heart} Jesus”). But I say this from the purely intellectual, not having gotten an invite yet. Speaking of which, I heard a rumor that the invites have been 10/1 male/female. Bet if that’s true the big G is scrambling to get women invites.

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