During the religious education committee meeting tonight, one of the committee members was telling us about a bunch of five year olds hanging out in their underpants. It was a pretty funny story. When the story was done, I couldn’t resist bringing up the Anthony Weiner silliness — I said that while the American news media are saying that Weiner sent “sexually explicit” pictures of himself (which makes it sound important and serious), the BBC tells it like it is: Weiner sent underpants photo. He sent pictures of himself in underpants; not even five year olds would be that silly! We had a good laugh at Underpants Weiner, and moved on with the rest of the business we had to cover.

3 thoughts on “Underpants”

  1. I bet the kids would think it was howling out loud funny that his name is “weiner” too. Underpants indeed.

  2. My 7 year olds would gladly and hilariously take pictures of their underpants; a fact proven by looking at the jpegs on my digital camera recently. I hope/trust/pray their impulse control at 40 will be different that it is today!

  3. Jean @ 1 — When I first read about this new story, I assumed the his last name was pronounced “whiner.” Either way, it’s pretty funny.

    Rachel @ 2 — Jeez, guess you better hand’t let them get ahold of your cell phone!

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