The last of my general assembly reporting

A few last posts by me on the GA blog:

Scholars of color assess UU history, report on brief talks by Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed, Rev. Monica Cummings, and Rev. Patricia Jimenez.
Music and cultural change in UUism, interviews with UU musicians Nick Page and Jeannie Gagne.
Commission on Appraisal continues study of ministry and authority, covering the Commission on Appraisal’s report to GA, and brief interview with Megan Dowdell of the Commission.
Moderator’s report: All of us working together, covering Gini Courter’s report to GA.

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(Earlier links to my reporting are here, and here.)

One thought on “The last of my general assembly reporting”

  1. Thanks for your work bringing our annual meeting of congregations closer to the people who are elsewhere (or who are at GA but somewhere other than where you are reporting from.) I’ll just miss you at Ferry Beach, Dan. Have a great RE week and safe travels this summer.

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