The joys of a San Francisco summer

Summer is upon us in the Bay area, and it is time to reflect again on Mark Twain’s description of Bay area summers:

Along in the summer, when you have suffered about four months of lustrous, pitiless sunshine, you are ready to go down on your knees and plead for rain — hail — snow — thunder and lightning — anything to break the monotony — you will take an earthquake, if you cannot do any better. And the chances are that you’ll get it, too.

3 thoughts on “The joys of a San Francisco summer”

  1. How can it be summer? It’s only May. No, I’m sorry. You can’t call this summer. Not until June 21st, when things are officially summer. Then? Then you can gloat about your “summer.”


  2. Well June 21st is MID-Summer’s day so how can the day proclaimed to be the middle of summer be the first day of summer? Anyway the fields are turning brown around here so summer has started.

  3. (Confidential to Erp @ 2 — Jean lives in the Midwest, where summer lasts from June 21 to September 1. She never believes me when I tell her about the weather here in the Bay area, and thinks I am making it all up. But don’t destroy her illusions — if she knew how much better the weather is in the Bay area, she would be very sad.)

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