Hank Peirce’s Hot Stove Report, v.2

List of UU congregations currently in search, updated from Hank’s Hot Stove Report as changes occur. Updated 5/21 19:58 PDT.


Glendale, AZ [1/2 time] —
Sedona, AZ (3/4 time) — Paul Langston-Daley
Bayside, CA [1/2 time] —
Petaluma, CA [1/2 time] —
Long Beach, CA — Mitra Rahnema
Los Gatos, CA [p/t cons.] —
Mission Viejo, CA — Jude Geiger withdrew from candidacy for family reasons, see: http://tapestryuu.org/?p=815 — contract minister Jennifer Owen-O’Quill
Santa Barbara, CA, Assistant — Julia Hamilton
Santee, CA [3/4 time] — Frank Placone-Willey
Thousand Oaks, CA — Lora Brandis
Ventura, CA, Asst. — David Pyle
Golden, CO, Senior — Wendy Williams
Loveland, CO [3/4 time] — Laurel Liefert
Washington, DC, All Souls, Assoc. — Susan Neuman
Dover, DE [p/t] —
Miami, FL — Wendy Pantoja
Sarasota, FL — Roger Fritts
Brunswick, GA [1/2 time] —
Lawrenceville, GA — Jan Taddeo
Honolulu, HI — Jonipher Kwong
Davenport, IA — Jay D. Wolin
Iowa City, IA — Steven Protzman
Quincy, IL [1/4 time cons.] —
Boston, MA (King’s Chapel) —
Canton, MA — Buffy Boke
Foxborough, MA [p/t] —
New Bedford, MA — according to UUA Web site, now searching for August, 2012
Petersham, MA — [developmental minister] Michelle LaGrave
Springfield, MA — according to UUA Web site, now searching for August, 2012
Wellesley Hills, MA — Sara Ascher
Camp Springs, MD — Candidate withdrew, another year of search.
Belfast, ME — Deane Perkins
Waterville, ME — Margaret Anzalone
Flint, MI — Deane Oliva
Grosse Pointe, MI — Shelly Page
Midland, MI — Jeffrey Liebmann
Bemidji, MN [once monthly, 9 months] —
Duluth, MN — Bruce Johnson
St. Louis, MO, Senior — Thomas Perchlik
Bozeman, MT [3/4 time] — Nina Grey
Asheville, NC, Asst. — Elizabeth M. Kemper
Durham, NC (Eno River) — Deb Cayer
Portsmouth, NH — Lauren Smith and Chris Holton Jablonski
Cherry Hill, NJ, Asst. — Julie-Ann Silberman-Bunn
Galloway, NJ [1/2 time cons.] —
Princeton, NJ — Bill Neely
Ridgewood, NJ — Kathleen Green
Summit, NJ, Asst. — Kimberly Tomaszewski
Croton-on-Hudson, NY [1/2 time] —
Poughkeepsie, NY — Walter LeFlore
Rock Tavern, NY [1/2 time] —
Santa Fe, NM — Gail Lindsay Marriner
Hastings on Hudson, NY — Peggy Clarke
Poughkeepsie, NY — Walter LeFlore
Bowling Green, OH [3/4 time] — Lynn Kerr
Cincinnati, OH, St John’s — No candidate, still looking
Oberlin, OH [p/t cons.] —
Devon, PA, Assoc. — Morgan McLean
Pittsburgh, PA, South Hills — Current interim becomes “transitional minister”
Pittsburgh, PA, North Hills — Scott Rudolph
E. Greenwich, RI — Roger Peltier — withdrew from candidacy
Providence, RI, Bell Street Chapel — CJ McGregor
Austin, TX — Meg Barnhouse
Midland, TX — Byron Miller — no knowledge of why this did not work out
London, UK, Rosslyn Hill — Patrick O’Neill
Charlottesville, VA — Erik Wikstrom
Oakton, VA, Assoc./Asst. — Laura Horton-Ludwig
Spokane, WA — Todd Ekloff
Brookfield, WI [1/2 time], Asst. — Lori Hlaban
Madison, WI, Prairie UU Soc. [p/t cons.] —

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  1. Hah! You left me off your list!

    Darn prejudice against early decisions….

    Ventura, CA (Asst.) — David Pyle

    There, now it’s all better.. :)

    Yours in faith,


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