Canceling Sunday services for social justice?

Some acquaintances of Carol’s go to a nearby Christian church that is doing a really interesting social justice program. Next Sunday, they’re canceling worship services at both their campuses and doing a program they’re calling “Love Works.” They will be sending the whole congregation out to do good works in the community — “no strings attached.” Their Love Works programs will involve about a thousand people, and I’m quite impressed by the sophisticated organization of this project. For example, check out the Love Works online sign-up page, where work projects are sorted by categories, and you can look through the projects, pick one that suits you, and sign up online.

Note that there are opportunities for everyone to participate, including a virtual service project of spending an hour in prayer for those who are working that day, and providing refreshments at the closing celebration Sunday afternoon. And having a closing celebration is a nice touch, too.

If you have a moment, take a look at this and tell me what you think. Is it too good to be true? Is this something that liberal congregations should be doing (or maybe already are doing)? Would you participate in this, or would you just skip going to church that day?

4 thoughts on “Canceling Sunday services for social justice?”

  1. Awesome model, though there is often a brief prayer service before the work begins and after. Servolution is another Christian model of a day of social justice and social service. Dino Rizzo talks about why social justice days are rocking the evangelical world, too, in his book titled _Servolution_.

  2. My SIL is an ELCA Lutheran minister and they do this (not through that program) every year. It is actually really cool and, like you said, there is something for every age group. It is a great way for every one to get out there and really help the community.

  3. Very cool. More churches ought to do that more often. I’d go to one!

    On the other hand, I think that’s why I go to the barn (my church of choice): there, I do good work, out of love, on a regular basis. Hmm.

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