Welcome aboard

Sometime on 24 February 2011, my blog located at danielharper.org/blog melted down; cause remains unknown, but it may have been due to files that were damaged by a malicious hacker earlier in the week. Long story short: I had to create a whole new blog, which is what you’re now reading.

I placed a redirect on the old blog’s address, so your old bookmarks will still work. If you subscribed to the old blog via RSS feed, you may have to resubscribe. And if you ever linked to a post within this blog, that link will no longer work.

At some point, I will restore most of the old blog posts and comments somewhere on this Web site; but my first priority will be to get this new blog up and running.

4 thoughts on “Welcome aboard”

  1. I was locked out of three of my blogs today, by Google. Said my Google account had been ‘disabled’, and asked me to ask them why. I did ask them, and my account has been restored (18 hours later) without an explanation. Is that what happened to you?

  2. Doc @ 2 — What happened to me was that my hosting service saw incredibly high volume of traffic coming out of my blog; they have something installed that automatically shuts down a Web site when that happens. My hosting service went in and reinstalled the latest version of my blogging software (which contains several security patches), and then put the blog online again.

  3. I subscribe through Google Reader, and your posts are coming through just fine, without having to re-subscribe. I’ve probably linked to you, so I’ll have to do some poking around for bad links. Good luck with the re-creating!

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