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Elevator speech #4

Note: video host blip.tv is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

The final elevator speech that I videoblogged at the General Assembly workshop on “Spreading UUism Using New Media.” I greatly appreciate the four people who agreed to talk in front of a camera — it’s much harder to give your elevator speech to a camera as opposed to a real person. I really liked each of the four elevator speeches.

Now it’s your turn. Videotape your “elevator speech,” summarizing your religious faith in a brief statement that lasts about as long as a ride in an elevator. Post your video online at YouTube, or Blip.tv. And please put a link to your video in the comments below, so we can all watch the various elevator speeches.

Microblogging 2008-06-29

  • People are raving about Van Jones’ Ware lecture. I watched it on the Web, too lazy to walk to the convention center #
  • Oops. Slept late, & am missing Sunday a.m. worship. Guess I needed sleep more than worship…. #
  • Already, people are beginning to leave GA. It’s starting to feel a little empty… #
  • Workshop on grassroots organizimg: he says “Use Web 2.0.” #
  • Waiting for the closing worship to begin, I realize how tired I am. #
  • Sinkford’s closing words: May we say with prophet of old, Here we are, send us. #

Donald receives an award

A bunch of us are here in the Webworkers’ room at General Assembly, trying to get get stories and video posted to the UUA Web site. Everything is supposed to be done by tomorrow morning. I think the deadline pressure is, um, affecting us….

Note: video host blip.tv is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

Wait, how many ministers?…

John Hurley, the Director of Communications at the UUA, came bursting in to the Webworkers’ room this morning and said, Look at this!” He was holding a copy of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel open to an article about General Assembly. The headline read: “3,000 clergy gather for national assembly.”

Oops. Actually, we have 3,000 total people here, probably less than a quarter of whom are ordained clergy; there are probably a thousand Unitarian Universalist clergy all told. And, as John gleefully pointed out, the first person interviewed in the article was a 17 year old, whom one would think would appear unlikely to be an ordained minister. This article provided some much-needed entertainment for a bunch of weary Webworkers.

The headline got corrected in the online edition, but the 17 year old is still called “clergy”:

Fort Lauderdale – As a Unitarian Universalist, Nick Allen embraces racial diversity and social justice — both in society and within his religion.

“We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, so clearly that calls on us to address issues of racism,” said Allen, 17, a high school senior from St. Paul, Minn. Allen helped run an anti-racism seminar for teenagers at a gathering of the predominantly white Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly on Saturday. “One of the goals is to ask ‘why are we so white? And why aren’t we more diverse?'”

Allen was among 3,000 clergy this week who mulled these and other weighty religious, social and cultural issues at the Broward Convention Center. Some attended worship services, while others participated in workshops on topics ranging from protecting civil liberties to forming grass roots organizations. The event began Wednesday and runs through today.

Aside from that error, it’s a pretty good article, and you can read it here.

Microblogging 2008-06-28

  • Across the hall, DRUUMM is meeting with UUA presidential candidates. I’d love to be a fly on wall. #
  • Another lightly attended workshop, the room only a third full. Light attendance at GA this year I guess. #
  • Five blocks west on 17th St you leave the yachts & wealth behind. Half empty beer bottles in the street. #

Moved 6/27 Tweets to a separate post.

Mr. Crankypants at GA

Generally speaking, Mr. Crankypants hates General Assembly:– too many Unitarian Universalists in too small a space; too much denominational politics; too much lousy food.

But this General Assembly is made worse by the fact that the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center is just sad. Forget the fact that the Broward County sheriffs check your I.D. when you walk in, which is demeaning and stupid and outraging, but it is not sad. No, Mr. Crankypants will tell you what is sad about this convention center. It is sad that most of the meeting rooms smell of mold. It is sad that they charge three dollars for a smallish cup of bad iced tea. It is sad that the projection screens in the meeting rooms are those old-fashioned pull-down screens on those little fold-up tripods, and they all look like they were purchased second-hand about thirty years ago.

Mr. Crankypants wants to slip gently out of the convention center and skip the rest of General Assembly and go lie on Fort Lauderdale’s beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, Mr. Crankypants is so white that even with SPF 153 sunscreen, he would burn to a crisp under the South Florida sun in about ten seconds.


This just in from the Web staff…

Bill Sinkford, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, spoke at a social witness event here in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. My colleagues here on the indomitable Web staff videotaped his address, and we posted it up on YouTube, and here it is for you to watch…

Click the image to watch the video on Youtube

I like the fact that we’re not just posting videos from General Assembly on the UUA Web site, but we’re also putting them out there into the wider world. And this way, you can post this stuff on your own Web site.