Favorite things

Craig Schwalenberg and Lori Laban tell me their favorite things (so far) at General Assembly.

Note: video host blip.tv is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

6 thoughts on “Favorite things

  1. Bill Baar

    What kind of camera and who was holding it? There’s real variation in audio.. can hear you easily Dan but Craig and Lori sort of mixed…fading in and out…

    I’m thinking of doing videos on the history of UUSG and just liberal religion in general in the Chicago area…and have been talking to Harry S. about it… since he’d be my first subject…

  2. Dan

    Bill @ 3 — I was holding the camera, and forgot to bring it in close enough to Craig and Lori. Sorry, folks!

    Bill, if you do the kind of video you’re talking about, you’re not doing videoblogging, you’re making a real video. So don’t use a crappy little consumer camcorder like I’m using in this video — spend a thousand bucks and get a “pro-sumer” camcorder — use a tripod — plug external mics into the camcorder, preferably one mic that’s on the subject, one for the interviewer (or wave one mic back and forth between the two) — learn about lighting, and do a three-point light set-up. Actually, what you should do is find a Podcamp near you, attend, and go to workshops on video production.

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