Video postcard: Horseneck Beach

My older sister lives in Richmond, Indiana. She doesn’t get to see the ocean very often. I live in New Bedford, and see the ocean just about every day (OK, so mostly what I see is PCB-laden New Bedford Harbor, but it’s still salt water). So when I went to the beach today, I made Jean a video postcard showing sun, sand, flotsam, and jetsam.

Note: video host is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

2 thoughts on “Video postcard: Horseneck Beach

  1. Jean

    Thanks, Dan. Wish I was there too.

    Love, Jean

    PS Did you know that the plover is a distant cousin of our little field bird, the killdeer? Yup. When I see the killdeer running at the edge of the cornfields it reminds me of plovers at the ocean. And if you really stretch the idea, the rising of the corn over the months of the summer is almost — almost — like the rising of the tide. Almost.

  2. Administrator

    Jean — I like the image of the cornfields as a kind of ocean. And I hadn’t thought about the fact that Killdeer and Piping Plovers are both in the same genus, Charadrius — cool!

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