Summer is here

No doubt about it, summer is here.

We drove down from Cambridge to New Bedford today during peak rush hour, and traffic on the highway was so light (comparatively speaking) that we made the trip in an hour and a quarter. In fall, winter, or spring, that same rush hour trip would take between and hour and a half and two and a half hours.

Then at 7:30 this evening, we went to Margaret’s restaurant in Fairhaven for dinner. They said the wait would be “at least an hour.” Clearly, the summer people are back.

One thought on “Summer is here

  1. Jean

    wow. I forget about waiting to eat. Here, we walk in, wave to the server, and sit down.
    And then the bartender brings over pictures of her kids (on her cellphone, of course), and another server,
    the one who’s pregnant, stops by to look. We ask again when she’s due. Any day now, apparently!
    And then we see friends at another table and wave; then they’re
    coming over with their cellphone and handing it to us — someone they’re talking to heard we were here and
    want to talk to us.

    Ahhhhhh. Summer in the Midwest. Our summer people are all ours.

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