Attack ads everywhere

It’s the political season, and attack ads are everywhere. You’ve probably seen the Nietzsche attack ad, the Kant attack ad, and you may even have seen the third-party candidate Kierkegaard attack ad.

No way can I top those. But nonetheless, I couldn’t resist creating a Ralph Waldo Emerson attack ad (0:58)….

Note: video host is defunct, so this video no longer exists.

Oh, and there is also a Thomas Jefferson attack ad.

7 thoughts on “Attack ads everywhere

  1. h sofia

    Oh I laughed out loud when it got to the “Transparent eye” part. That was fun. I hadn’t heard of these attack ads. Gotta go watch the Nietzsche one now!

  2. h sofia

    Sorry to post twice, but just came from watching the Nietzsche ad. Oh, I laughed …. “Emanuel Kant is not a whoremongering idiot.” I count among my favorite books, Nietzsche’s “The Gay Science,” but I still found great humor in this.

  3. Dan

    will @ 3 — changed their software again, and I didn’t notice that there’s no longer a direct link to share videos. I added the link in the text below the video.

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