Spring watch

Red buds on gray twigs —
maples come into bloom and
pollen fills the air.

Pollen fills the air,
it makes me stupid, I don’t
feel that cold north wind.

Feel that cold north wind!
Daylight is lengthening but
earth is not yet warm.

Earth is not yet warm
enough to turn green. But trees —
red buds on gray twigs.

4 thoughts on “Spring watch

  1. Jean

    oh, wait, here’s another one:

    Red buds on gray twigs
    look like fat stuffy noses —
    give them a kleenex.

  2. Mr. Crankypants

    Mr. Crankypants cannot believe that you are mucking up this blog with haiku, of all God-forsaken things. Don’t you know that Mr. C. is trying to run a UUA presidential campaign from this blog? Let’s have a little seriousness here.

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