Art on the highway, part 2

On the way back from Maine, I stopped at the southbound rest area at Kennebunk to look at another of the William Wegman murals installed by the Maine Turnpike Authority. The mural is most definitely not what you’d expect to see in a highway rest area. At the end of this short (1:32) video, I ask myself a question that was implicit in a comment on the previous post on the Wegman highway murals….

3 thoughts on “Art on the highway, part 2

  1. ogre

    Message? (Is there one?) Hmmm. Heading south, looking up? Somehow I don’t think that’s intended, but…

    Now if there were a novel, “The Dogs Look Up,” I’d suspect a devious pointer.

  2. Administrator

    Jean — I’m still trying to figure out why the ambulance was there….

    ogre — Or if they were sheepdogs, it could’ve been “The Sheepdogs Look Up.”

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