Hey, doesn’t that guy on TV look familiar…

Yeah, I was on TV tonight — for about two seconds, on channel 10 news in Providence, in a story about how First Unitarian is transferring ownership of a late 19th C. painting to a local museum. The painting, by Edward Emerson Simmons, son of a Unitarian minister, depicts the boy Jesus, so there I am on TV talking about Jesus. They also show me moving a refrigerator. I kid you not. Link.

More about the painting at the First Unitarian Web site: link.

1 thought on “Hey, doesn’t that guy on TV look familiar…

  1. Jean

    Woo! What a cool story! I love the clip of you moving the fridge. Very you. Very UU!
    And nice “soundbite” Dan! You do good TV. It’s so fun to see you talking — like you’re
    right next door. I wish!

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