Liberal religious dictionary: Sin

sin, noun. 1. An action which deserves universal condemnation, and which promotes evil rather than good in the world. Sin exists among politicians and other secular leaders who set policies with which we disagree; however, sin does not exist among religious liberals. The following sentence is a proper use of the word — When Governor Sanford cheated on his wife, it was a sin. However, when the speaker is a religious liberal, the proper construction would be as follows — When I cheated on my spouse, we went into couples therapy together so we could resolve our issues. (N.B.: For those religious liberals who agreed with Governor Sanford’s policies, his action was not a sin, but was instead evidence that he needed therapy.)

One thought on “Liberal religious dictionary: Sin

  1. Carol

    En espanol, it means “without.”
    Perhaps that’s a better definition as it is used by a the user: The sinner sinned by committing an act without regard to a larger system or ramifications (if caught).

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