Quiz answers

Answers to yesterday’s quiz below.

A. Bible knowledge

1. Moses — Isaiah — John — Abraham — Esther.
2. Jesus — Paul — Judas Maccabbee — Peter — Mary.
3. Different Bibles have different numbers of books — Jewish Bible has 39, Bibles that include the Apocrypha can include 80+.
4. False. “Revelation” is singular, it is only one revelation.
5. True.

B. Knowledge of Christianity

1. All 5.
2. False. Many Quakers have no communion at all, many Protestant congregations have communion less often than weekly.
3. Christmas — Easter — Thanksgiving — Pentecost — Ash Wednesday.
4. False. Universalist Christians, for example, do not believe in hell.
5. False. Unitarian Christians, for example, do not.
6. False.

C. Knowledge of Judaism

1. Tanakh. Torah is the first five books of the Jewish Bible. Kethuvim is the last section of the Jewish Bible, the other writings. Leviticus is a book in the Bible.
2. Approx. from sunset on Friday to dusk on Saturday. From a few minutes before sunset, until Saturday when three stars appear in the sky.
3. Rosh Hoshanah and Yom Kippur.

D. Knowledge of Islam

1. Salah, or daily prayers — Zakat, or giving alms to the poor — Hajj, or making pilgrimage to Mecca at least once if possible — Sawm, or fasting during Ramadan — Shahada, or profession of faith that there is only one god — Jihad, or struggle to further Islam.
2. All four.
3. Sunnis — Arabs — Shi’ites — Sufis — Kurds.

E. Knowledge of World Religions

1. Bhagavad Gita.
2. Buddhism.
3. Confucianism.
4. Sikhism.
5. Buddhism.
6. Judaism — Christianity — Zoroastrianism — Islam — Baha’i.

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  1. Dan

    Philocrites @ 1 — Drat, you’re right. And I just gave a bunch of middle schoolers this quiz, and we all agreed Thanksgiving was off the list.

    This is, of course, the problem with multiple choice quizzes — the world is never that clear-cut.

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