June 21 is the day to “peecycle”

In case you’ve forgotten, Pee-On-Earth Day (in the northern hemisphere) is tomorrow, June 21, the date of the summer solstice. According to my partner, Carol, describes it: “Pee-On-Earth Day is a day to bring your urine outside to nourish plants and avoid using water to flush your toilet! Fertilize plants with your urine’s nitrogen and phosphorus. PEECYCLE either directly or by depositing your contribution in a container you take outside….”

Carol’s favorite way to peecycle at our house by pouring the pee into our compost pile — it doesn’t smell, and we wind up with nitrogen-rich compost. Look for the Pee-On-Earth Day fact sheet on Carol’s Web site for more ideas on how to peecycle.

And yes, Pee-On-Earth Day is my favorite summer holiday, mostly because I get to make lots of pee jokes.

5 thoughts on “June 21 is the day to “peecycle”

  1. Jean

    It really is worth noting that Carol’s website instructs DILUTING the pee before putting it on plants. Otherwise, you get the pee burn. So “Pee On Earth” day should really be “Pee in a Bucket and Dilute With Water and THEN put it on the Earth” day.

    Or maybe it could be “Pee on Weeds” day — kill the suckers.

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