New Orleans trip: two last thoughts

(1) A comparison of New Orleans weather with Bay area weather: When we walked into the terminal at the New Orleans at about seven this morning, it was already hot and humid, 80 degrees with a dew point of 74; when we arrived at San Francisco airport, it was cool, almost chilly, and dry, at 63 degrees and a 29 mile per hour wind, with a dew point of 48. Given the weather we’re accustomed to, no wonder we had problems with the heat this past week.

(2) You know it’s a good trip when the final leg of your flight is delayed two hours, but you don’t really mind because you so enjoy the company of the people with whom you’re traveling.

And one last bonus thought: While in New Orleans, I read the New Orleans Times Picayune every day, and they have absolutely the best coverage on the BP oil spill, combining repressed righteous anger with good solid reporting. Read their oil spill coverage online at