Autumn watch

Another clear crisp autumn day. Another day that I spent mostly in the office. But Carol and I did get out for an hour-long walk late this afternoon. As we walked, we mostly talked about frustrations we face in our respective careers. Did we notice the gorgeous blue sky above us? –I didn’t, and I’m not even sure how blue that sky was this afternoon. Was it a gorgeous blue sky, or just an ordinarily blue sky? I’m not sure. I love my job and my career, but I can’t get used to how much my job divides me from the outdoors. My job keeps me indoors much of the time — in meetings, doing administrative tasks, visiting people, talking on the phone — and then when I get outdoors in my free time, too often I spend that time thinking about indoor things.

If I don’t remember how blue the sky was this afternoon, I am sure that the air was crisp, because I remember feeling a little chilly as we started walking. At least part of me was indeed aware that I was outdoors. I should stop thinking so much, and spend more time outdoors.

4 thoughts on “Autumn watch

  1. Cindi

    How true. When we finally get a break to enjoy God’s creation, we are overwhelmed by mind-activity. Oh that
    we could learn to settle our minds so that we might rest in the peace of the outdoors!

  2. Mike

    I’ve noticed two things correlate to this same problem with me. First, the busier I feel, the less I take time to really be mindful of where I am and what I’m doing. It’s like I just feel that I don’t “have time” to be mindful–a sad state of affairs. Second, the more time I spend in the city, the harder it is to really “see nature.” I live in a major city (Chicago), and even though I’m about a block and a half from Lake Michigan, it’s difficult to “immerse” myself in nature without driving 40 miles to a suburb. I think it’s a major problem with many people–and something many people don’t even realize is a problem. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Jean

    Although, I bet if you had an outdoor job, you’d pine for more moments doing indoor things, like
    reading, writing, blogging. It’s the balance that’s key, I suppose. Maybe that’s what dogs are for.
    Owen, right now, is reminding me that I promised a walk this morning. So, off we’ll go.

  4. Administrator

    Mike — Your first point is right on target — the busier I am, the more I need to be mindful, but the less mindful I can be. As to your second point, yes again — and I’m trying to learn how to immerse myself in nature while living in the city (which is part of the point of this blog). You’re actually lucky living so close to Lake Michigan — lots of migratory birds, and sublime weather moving through.

    Jean — I loved it when I was working for the carpenter. I might still be doing it if my shoulders hadn’t started to give out. As for the reading, writing, and blogging, mostly they still aren’t part of my job, except that I write a sermon every week. Wish I weren’t allergic to dogs…

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