Still no Internet at home, confusion reigns

We still haven’t gotten around to getting Internet service at home (what can I say except that moving across the country this time has not gone smoothly). Thus you will not see posts every day, and some posts (such as this one) will be back dated.

The really hard part of not having home Internet access is that I cannot constantly check the Web for answers to questions that pop into my brain at random moments. Sometimes I have to go for days without being able to answer questions like: When did Usenet first start functioning? When did Judith Sargent Murray die? Who wrote the poem that contained the line “a rose-red city, ‘half old as time’,” and who wrote the fantasy story for which that line of poetry provides the denouement? Without Internet access, I am no longer filled with answers to pointless questions like these, and I grieve the loss.

One thought on “Still no Internet at home, confusion reigns

  1. Amy

    And here’s why I shouldn’t have Internet access ever: because, having read your list of questions, I had to start looking for the answers. I’m not very interested in Usenet and I’ll look up Judith Sargent Murray if I ever have the need, but the line about the rose-red city tormented me. What do I care? I never read the poem (which, it turns out, is about Petra and is by a poet named Burgon, whom I’ve never heard of). I never read the story (and don’t know who wrote it because I couldn’t track that one down as easily. Good to know this form of OCD does have a limit).

    My trouble, aside from obsessing about other people’s questions, is that I can never remember my own when I actually get my hands on a keyboard.

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