In the redwoods

I’m on retreat with the local ministers chapter at St. Dorothy’s Rest, a retreat center in Camp Meeker, California.

Some photos of St. Dot’s:


A bench among the redwoods

A bench among the redwoods.


Old logging road

An old logging road, cut into the living rock of a steep hillside, just below St. Dot’s.


Trunks of a redwood tree up close

3 thoughts on “In the redwoods

  1. Lyn C

    I’m jealous.

    I’ve been missing my PCD colleagues quite a bit this week. Hope all of you have found renewal at St. Dot’s.

  2. OD/HR Min

    Ah, it goes in there and it comes out here.

    Having sometimes shared the Wifi room w/ you at the retreat and having shared w/ you how I have marveled at the volume of your blog postings, I also want to express my appreciation of your powers of your observation and description so well demonstrated in this post.

    It’s good to see you out here again in the wild and woolly West.

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