New site, same blog

I got the new blog site up and running much more quickly than I had hoped. Therefore, as of right this very minute, all new posts will be on this blog. In addition, I have transferred the last ten posts to this site (and eventually, I will transfer most of the old posts to this site so you can use the search and indexing features on this site).

If you’re a regular reader, please two things now:

(1) Update the bookmark for this blog on your Web browser.

(2) If you subscribe to this blog, there’s an RSS feed available in the sidebar to the left of your screen –OR– if you prefer email notification of new posts, click on Email Notification here, or in the “About Me” section of the sidebar.


If you maintain a Web site or a blog, would you be so kind as to do one more thing?

(1) Update your blogroll or links page to the new address for this blog. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “New site, same blog

  1. UUpdater

    FYI, I was clicking around the rest of your site and when I clicked on “Online Journal” from your links page it still referenced the old blog url.

  2. liz (delise)fickett

    if this comment makes it to you, i will consider my life successful. after trying for months to comment on your sister’s blog, and always having to resort to emailing her instead, i welcome the chance to tell you personally that i’ve really enjoyed reading your blog (which i originally found via the link on hers). it’s nice to read you so grown up and intelligent. not a surprise, either. best of luck.

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