A Unitarian Universalist joke I hadn’t heard yet…

Rev. David called all the children down to the front of the church to hear a “Children’s Message.” He wanted to talk to the children about planning ahead, and he decided that he would use a squirrel as an example.

“Now children, see if you can guess what I am thinking about,” he began. “It lives in trees and eats nuts. [pause] It is gray and jumps from branch to branch. [pause] It has a long bushy tail and buries nuts in the ground in the fall so it will have something to eat all winter long. [pause] Now raise your hand if you know what I’m thinking of!”

When it became clear that none of the children was going to raise a hand, Rev. David called on one of the older girls who was sitting in front, saying to her, “What do you think I’m talking about?”

The girl replied, “Well, I know you want me to say that you’re thinking about the seven principles, but it sure sounds like you’re describing a squirrel.”

All right, I admit it’s a bad Unitarian Universalist joke….