Leaving for General Assembly

Tomorrow I have to get up at four in the morning so I can catch my train. I’m headed off to General Assembly, the annual denominational meeting. Every year I ask myself: Why do I do this? As I get ready to leave (that means right now), I realize that I hate packing my bags, I hate the thought that I’ve forgotten something (and I always, always do forget something). Once I leave, I hate traveling long distances, I hate crowds of people, I hate staying in hotels and eating lousy restaurant food. And on top of that, I hate denominational politics. Yet every year I head off to General Assembly, like some kind of perverse swallow flying to San Juan Capistrano or whatever that place is that swallows fly to. Well, I know why I go:– I go so I can volunteer for the denominational Web staff; the Web staff is made up of fun, talented people that I enjoy spending time with, and I always learn something from them. That pretty much makes up for the miseries of traveling.

Anyway, this blog will be dominated by General Assembly for the next week….

Again this year, I will be video-blogging General Assembly, and I plan to post a short video to this blog every day. I’ll also try to micro-blog via Twitter — if Twitter posts are not visible in the sidebar, go here for my Twitter feed. I’ll be on the train for the next two days, and will post from the train via Twitter.

If you’re blogging from General Assembly, or if you’re blogging about General Assembly, don’t forget to tag your posts with “uuaga08” so it’s easy to find all General Assembly posts. And if you’re following from home, don’t hesitate to use the comments to communicate with me — if you want me to video-blog something, I’ll try to oblige!

2 thoughts on “Leaving for General Assembly

  1. Bill Baar

    I’m looking forward to the video stuff….it’s something UUs don’t use to often as far as I can tell and we ought to try more things with it.

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