Friday videos

Just over a year ago, I started posting short videos on this blog, with the goal of posting a new video each week. The most popular videos have been the ones dealing with the Bible from a liberal religious perspective; least popular have been the videoblog entries. With 40+ videos online and a total of 4,700+ total views, the online videos are a small but important part of this blog’s overall traffic.

At the moment, I’ve stopped production to think about what direction I might want to take. Your suggestions, as always, are most welcome — you can leave your ideas in the comments section. And I’ll be rolling out new videos beginning in April, with new theme music and a new look.

3 thoughts on “Friday videos

  1. Jean

    Please bring back the videos — I love them! In fact you’ve inspired me to get my own video camera and learn how to do this. (I figured that now that I’ve made a film I should learn how to make a film…!) I like the video blog entries best; the biblical stuff…no, not for me. I love the experimental gently humorous stuff. Bring back the videos!!!

  2. Abs

    From Abby and Jim: We totally agree with Jean on all points – except the bit about having made a film. But seriously, love the artsy cool inventive videos. :)

  3. Peter Bowden

    Dan, first of all, I too love the Friday videos… The ones that are on UUism I’ll be adding to my new site shortly.

    As for new directions, I’d love to see more ministers vlog on their sermon topics. Whether it is before the service or after, I’d love to see 3-5 minute riffs on various themes.


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