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Is that why…

Went off to Whole Foods in Wheaton tonight to do a little shopping. We got in the habit of going late in the day, because traffic is light and there aren’t any lines in the store.

Next door to Whole Foods is Borders, and needless to say it has become a ritual to go to Borders for a few minutes. It was nine o’clock, and Borders was packed. And wait-a-minute, there’s all these kids…. Then I finally notice the signs: Harry Potter book release party. Of course! –today’s the day.

It was a pretty cool scene. Lots of people in costume. Kids standing around talking about the books. Palpable excitement. What I liked best was all the high-school-aged kids who were there. They have grown up on Harry Potter, and I guess he’s still cool enough, even into high school, to wait in line for the sixth book. And yeah, there were quite a few adults there, too. Too many to be all parents, or people who just happened into the store. It was the adults who looked a little embarrassed about being there.

Why be embarrassed? The Harry Potter books are pretty good. What other book commands enough attention that people will stay up until midnight, book after book, to buy it the day it is released? Maybe I’d be waiting in line right now, except I still haven’t finished the fifth book (I’m a cheapskate, I wait for the paperback editions.)

Here’s to Harry Potter.