A rockin book of poems

My favorite living Unitarian Universalist poet is Everett Hoagland. Everett’s poetry was featured in our denominational magazine in the March/April, 2000, and Spring, 2004 (with interview), issues. His poems have been published in magazines ranging from poetry journals like The American Poetry Review and The Iowa Review, to the general interest magazine Essence, to political publications like The Progressive and People’s Weekly World. Everett also does worship services based on his poetry.

Everett has just published a new book of poetry, and he’s donating all proceeds from its sale to Treatment on Demand, a non-profit here in New Bedford that does fantastic work in the areas of HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. So for ten bucks, you can get a rockin book of poetry, perfect for reading out loud, poems that will in turn make your blood boil and serve as a balm for your soul in these crazed times of war and injustice.

Keep reading for Everett’s words on where the money is going, and how to order this book. (Hey, why not buy an extra copy of this book for your church’s youth group.)


Everett Hoagland’s new poetry collection, JUST WORDS?, is a fundraiser for Treatment On Demand, Inc, (TOD) in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The author has donated to TOD the rights to any income from the first printing. Another donation funded the private first printing of a thousand copies of the book, and the organization hopes to raise $10,000 by ten-dollars-per-book donations sent in by people like you.

In the recent words of TOD’S committed, tireless, effective executive director, Drae Perkins:

Treatment On Demand, Inc, is a collective, non-profit, grassroots organization founded in 1989. We provide direct services, advocacy and community organizing to combat substance abuse and HIV/AIDS in the Greater New Bedford area. Founded by community residents in recovery and others who wanted to take action to increase public resources for the prevention and treatment of those illnesses, we speak the languages and reflect the cultural and socio-economic composition of our community. Our board, staff, volunteers and program particpants play an active role in planning and carrying out programs and activities that respond to the issues and needs of the community, including our Street Outreach Services and our Youth Empowerment Program.

Prospective donors can find more information about TOD on its webpage: link.

Everett Hoagland is a member of Treatment On Demand’s board of directors, and JUST WORDS? is a perfect bound, 93 page, paperback book containing 27 poems praising black literary figures, spotlighting aspects of world history and American history, pushing explicit political perspectives and commenting on poets/poetry.

Praise for JUST WORDS? by American Book Award winner Lamont Steptoe:

… Searing yet lyrical language … Fierce as Toussaint in the battlefield … Instructive as David Walker’s Appeal … Moving and emotional as the death of a relative … Battle plan and tactical map to undermine the empire … Sets the plantation on fire and poisons the well!

The only way to get copies of Everett Hoagland’s new book is to send your donation of ten dollars (US$10) by check or money order (no cash, please) to Treatment On Demand, Inc, for each copy you want us to send to you.

Presently, there are no middle men, no marketing agents, no bookstores, no distributors, no print-on-demand publisher nibbling away at the ten-dollars-per-book tax-deductible donations to Treatment On Demand.

And we will even cover the handling and shipping expenses just to encourage you to donate toward getting additional copies to share with relatives and friends. So please make out a check or money order to Treatment On Demand, Inc, with a note on it re: the number of copies of JUST WORDS? you would like to have shipped to you. Then please address the envelope containing your check or money order to the author’s secure U.S.P.O. box. Address it to:

Everett Hoagland
P.O. Box 7463
New Bedford, MA 02742

And the author will take your donation to TOD’S office manager for accounting purposes and for bank deposit. Everett shall also personally see to it your book(s) is (are) mailed to you. We look forward to receiving your donation-for-the-book and shall gratefully regard it as your support for the ongoing life-saving, life-enhancing work of Treatment On Demand. Please spread the word about this fundraiser book.

Thank you very much!