No transcendent moment

Soemtimes I go for days — weeks, even — without the touch of a transcendent moment in my life. That has happened this week. I get caught up in the ordinary, the routine, the day-to-day demands. I walk to work with my head down. I don’t pay attention. The press of life can be irresistable. You can get carried on by ordinary events, hour by hour, twenty-four hours seven days. If I paused for a moment perhaps the transcendent might crash in on me making the ordinary seem mundane. Could I stand that, or would it make me less efficient in a busy week? A moment of transcendence can remind you of the wider reality, yet the flow of ordinary life should be able to do that equally well. In busy weeks, I could use a kind of inner discipline that requires no crashing transcendent moments, just ordinary life. Yet when a transcendent moment does crash in on you, when you are caught up in that experience larger than yourself, it leaves a fond ache in your heart afterwards; an inner discipline of ordinary life would never be enough for me; better to have whatever it is rush in on your soul when you’re not expecting it; if that’s what it takes to make your heart ache afterwards.