Blogger BioBlitz 2007

I just signed up to do the first annual Blogger BioBlitz. Jeremy, science blogger at The Voltage Gate, writes:

In honor of National Wildlife Week, April 21 – 29, I am inviting bloggers from all walks to participate in the First Annual Blogger Bioblitz, where bloggers from across the world will choose a wild or not-so-wild area and find how many of each different species — plant, animal, fungi and anything in between — live in a certain area within a certain time. Link

Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be surveying the garden of First Unitarian in downtown New Bedford, which is a small green space in a highly urban environment, assisted by two teenagers from the church (thanks, Dylan and Tyler!). You may have noticed that on this blog I already maintain desultory lists of birds and molluscs I’ve seen in New Bedford Harbor. The Blogger BioBlitz is an oportunity for me to examine the even more human-dominated environment surrounding our church, ten blocks from the harbor. It’s also an opportunity to live out our liberal religion by doing some low-key citizen science. We expect to find many non-native and introduced species in this urban environment — I’ll post photos and lists later this week.

Want to participate in this blog swarm? Register here.
Thanks to Invasive Species Weblog for the link to the Blogger BioBlitz.

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