UU vlogs grow by 100%?

ck over at Arbitrary Marks has posted her first videoblog entry — as part of “blog against theocracy” weekend.

Aside from me, ck is the only Unitarian Universalist I know of who’s posting videos on their blogs — meaning a 100% increase in UU vlogs, as well as a huge leap up in average quality. Of course, even though we Unitarian Universalists tend to be way behind the curve when it comes to using new technology to talk about our faith, there must be more UU vloggers. I hope observant readers will let me know about other UU vloggers in the comments.

2 thoughts on “UU vlogs grow by 100%?

  1. Administrator

    Blue Gal — Yeah, but I’m looking specifically for video blogs. A Google search for “unitarian vlog” turns up six hits, none of which is a UU vlog. Searches on YouTube and BlipTV turn up lots of concerts in UU churches, a few propaganda films by UU congregations, and that’s about it. Technorati, about the same.

    By the way, uupdates.net is the best source I know of for UU blogs — you might want to check it out.

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