The fashion saga continues…

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Peacebang’s “Beauty Tips for Ministers” blog was going to be written up by the Boston Globe [link]. Now she’s been interviewed on “Nightline.” Worth watching.


4 thoughts on “The fashion saga continues…

  1. Jean

    Okay, I’m weighing in here on this self-proclaimed fashionista. I seriously, seriously, cannot take fashion advice from a woman wearing a boxy black blazer with — did I actually see this???? — shoulder pads! > over a long khaki colored skirt. Shuddddderrrrrrr. The sheer corporate frumpiness of it all! And… really: There’s something counter subversive about this campaign to reform how women (and men) of the UU cloth dress. Must we all look like junior executives for JC Penney??? Good lord, I hope not. Give me Birkenstocks, unshaved legs, makeupfree faces, messy unsprayed hair in a pony tail (hi Dan!) and what I see is someone genuine. Which is why *I* would go to a UU church in the first place. I see enough pantyhose and pointy shoes in my little world to be quite tired of the “uniform.”


  2. Abs

    I agree with Jean. Seems to me that anyone who becomes a minister should have enough poise and self-possession to dress in a manner that befits their own unique personality. I certainly don’t dress in “corporate style” clothes at my job (as some librarians do), but rather I dress in a way that is both professional and indicative of my personality. No one else could coach me in how to do that. (And Dan, your style is just plain awesome. Don’t change!)

  3. Administrator

    Hi, sister Jean and sister Abs — Must be genetic. All three of us have tended to be pretty independent-minded when it comes to how we dress. I don’t think any one of us could dress “corporate” if we tried. Which isn’t to say that we dress like slobs (actually, we all dress pretty well), it’s just that we don’t like anyone telling us how to dress. (Jean is so independent that she wears black in the Midwest.) Maybe it’s because all three of us have a strong visual orientation? –and have strong opinions about visual things? I don’t know….

  4. Jean

    I do wear black, and my students continue to ask me about it. “Why do you always wear black?”
    It’s weird. Because, really, I don’t *always* wear black. A lot of the time, sure, but why not?
    Black goes with everything. Except pastels and appliqued sweatshirts. Which some of my
    students wear a lot. But I never ask them: hey! why are you wearing that appliqued teddybear
    sweatshirt AGAIN?
    Some of my students even comment on what i wear in the end of year evaluations. (Positively, i
    might add). And – ha! – I got a chili pepper (for hotness, apparently) on

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