What Unitarians know…

Back in October, the Wall Street Journal reviewed Sam Harris’s new book under the title “What the Unitarians know (and Sam Harris doesn’t).” It’s well-written, as you’d expect of something in the Wall Street Journal, and gets at many of the blind spots of the New Atheists and those who think religion, morality, and ethics can be based on science. You might not agree with it, you may not like the mildly dismissive reference to the “Unitarians,” but definitely worth reading.

Thanks to Dick D. for pointing this out to me!

2 thoughts on “What Unitarians know…

  1. Tom Wilson

    There is also a review of this book (The Moral Landscape) in the November 11, 2010 print issue of The New Republic. The reviewer (Thomas Nagle, NYU) argues that while Sam Harris has discovered moral philosophy, he doesn’t make any interesting contributions. From the last paragraph of the review, “Harris’s heart is in the right place, and perhaps his spirited denunciation of moral skepticism will do some good; but it leaves us with difficult moral problems that require more careful treatment than he has time for.”


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