The spam saga continues…

After a sudden spike in comment spam, I had to add some new defenses. You could unwittingly trigger my new anti-spam defenses (especially those of you who post comments from university computer systems), and if that happens you may have to take one of those “captcha” tests to prove that you’re a human and not an evil spam robot. If the worst happens, and you are unable to post a comment, please let me know via email (danrharper AT aol DOT com) so I can tweak the settings on my defenses.

2 thoughts on “The spam saga continues…

  1. Administrator

    Abs — Yup, will do.

    For the rest of you out there, I’m not going to give specifics about my spam defenses on this blog because there’s some thought that spammers actually go looking for blogs that name specific spam defenses. But if you use WordPress blogging software, I’d be happy to share tips and tricks with you via email.

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