Another microphone rant

Just finished talking to my dad, and we wound up talking about one of our favorite subjects — the best way to use a microphone. Back in November, I posted a list of microphone tips and techniques, but tonight dad and I came up with a couple of new ones that I thought I’d share with you:

  • When you are using a clip-on or “Lavelier” microphone, do not bump the microphone, and it would be best not to clap (or at least clap with your hands well away from the mic, like over your head) — for if you bump or clap, you will deafen your audience.
  • If the sound tech tells you where and how to stand so that the microphone can pick up your voice, stand there — for if you do not, chances are no one will hear you.
  • One way to improve sound quality in your congregation is to train all those use a microphone during the worship service at least once a year. (We ministers can set an example here by agreeing to participate in such training — after all, every one of us, no matter how experienced, can continually improve her/his microphone technique.)

I’ll add one last little item. Please remember that the sound tech is probably your friend. S/he wants to make sure you are heard as much as you do (because s/he knows that if you are not heard most people will blame her/him, not you). Many sound techs are geeks and may not have the smoothly polished manners that you have, but it is wise to listen to them with an open mind because they really want the same thing you do — they want you to be heard. And if you believe that the sound tech in your congregation is not your friend, you have two viable choices: (a) get a new sound tech that you can trust, or (b) take voice lessons so that you don’t really need a microphone to begin with.

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