Baseball, Calvinism, and me

I am not watching the Giants game right now. I should be, but there’s no real point.

You see, if you grew up outside Boston as I did, baseball is all mixed up with Calvinism. I don’t have to watch today’s game, because the winner of this World Series was determined at the beginning of time, and nothing the players or fans do today can affect the final outcome. Just as Calvinists knew who the saints were (they were the ones who went to church), we know who the saints are in baseball (they wear pinstripe suits). However, a few baseball teams with long-haried weirdos — like this year’s Giants, and like the 2004 Red Sox — may occasionally win the Series because God likes to keep us mortals guessing.

So I am not going to watch today’s game. I mean, why bother watching if the outcome is predetermined?

8 thoughts on “Baseball, Calvinism, and me

  1. Dan

    Bill @ 1 — You write: “You bet on sports?”

    Nope, no point. As any Calvinist will tell you, the outcome of any sports event was predestined before the beginning of time by God. So there’s no real point, is there?

    M. M. @ 2 — That’s right, you have preached a sermon on the theology of baseball. Oh, and how did you celebrate the Giants win?

    Jean @ 3 — Rolling your eyes is good for your eyeball muscles, so keep doing it. And I’m still glad you’re my sister, too.

  2. Ms. M.

    I was in the car tooting the horn at that third out, (for real!) then ran up the stairs to feast on Rice-a-Roni and Anchor Steam beers, while wearing the black and orange boas you loaned to me! (not really, but that seemed like a very San Francisco meal, non?) A little disappointed that I can’t make the parade, since I need to be deeply involved in a research methods lecture – but I’m looking forward to a Red Sox – Giants series in 2011. Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in a mere 101 days, and then ANYTHING is possible! ;-)

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