Summertime, and the livin’ is smoggy

It feels like summer has finally hit the Bay area. There’s apparently a high-pressure system sitting over the desert southwest pumping hot air up into our area. Temperatures got up into the mid-nineties today, with little or no wind.

Summer heat in the Bay area means smog and ground-level ozone. Driving down Route 101 to work today, the mountains on the other side of San Francisco Bay, usually clearly visible, were hard to see through the light blue haze. Smog and ground-level ozone mean that I feel lousy.

The short-term bad news is that tomorrow it’s supposed to hit one hundred degrees in Palo Alto. The short-term good news is that the forecast says cool air from Alaska will move into our area by the weekend. The long-term bad news is that University of California scientists are now predicting that climate change in our area is going to cause more hot days, which means more days of high ground-level ozone levels. The long-term good news is… um, what is the long-term good news?

2 thoughts on “Summertime, and the livin’ is smoggy

  1. Jean

    Ah. You need to move to the Midwest. It’s lovely here, despite this hot summer year, and it seems OUR new pattern is for more cool summers. You’d like it here. Good produce, lots of open space, green living abounds, and you can convert the conservative Christians to a better way of thinking about the cosmos*.

    *Actually, many of them are very nice. Just different points of view.

  2. Dan

    Jean @ 1 — How about I try to convert the Amish instead of more conventional conservative Christians….

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