Green tomatoes

We’ve been having a cold summer here in the Bay area, with night time temperatures frequently in the low fifties. Tomato plants do not like it to be that cool, and while our tomato plants set a lot of fruit, the little green tomatoes just hang on the vine and stay both little and green.

We had one tomato plant covered with little green tomatoes, growing in a big pot that sat in a sunny place in the yard. A few days ago I carried it up to our second-floor deck, huddled up against the house where I thought it might be a little bit warmer. Sure enough, after just a few days the plant looks happier, and most of the tomatoes are turning red; while the tomato plants down in the yard are still covered in green tomatoes.

September tends to be the warmest month in the Bay area. Perhaps this cool weather will finally end, and suddenly we’ll find ourselves inundated with more tomatoes than we can eat.

2 thoughts on “Green tomatoes

  1. Dad

    Your garden is doing much better than mine here in MA. It has been very dry (no rain since JUly 16 and very little in June); and so hot that any watering just evaporates. My squash have died after producing 3 squash, and the pole beans are withering away. Tomatoes are doing well if watered every day (the water dept has requested only necessary watering such as vegetables) This weather is more like NM than MA. Climate change is happening in spite of all the denial by conservative self appointed experts.

  2. Bill Baar

    Our tomatoes are starting to come in now…nice ripe red ones…. blt season for us now. We’ve had a very wet summer…good for my well.

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