Playing the “who-married-’em” game

One of the ways I sometimes amuse myself on Sunday afternoons is to open the “Sunday Styles” section of the New York Times, and turn to the wedding announcements. I look at the photographs of the wedding couples, and try to figure out who officiated at their wedding.

Because it’s the New York Times, most of the officiants are Epsicopalian priests, Conservative Jewish rabbis or cantors, Catholic priests, or Presbyterian ministers — you know, from the religious groups that are a little higher up, socially speaking. These are the boring couples, because I usually can’t figure out who officiated at their weddings; whether an Episcopalian or a Presbyterian or a Jew or a Catholic officiated, the couples all look pretty much the same. Sometimes you get fooled, though: although there aren’t many Lutherans in the New York Times, when they’re there, they look a lot like Presbyterians.

Then sometimes you get couple who was married by a justice of the peace, or by a friend of the couple who got a one-day license from the state, or by someone who picked up an ordination through the Universal Life Church. I can usually separate these couples out from the previous group; this second group might look a little scruffier (as far as any New York Times wedding couple ever looks scruffy), or a little less conventionally good looking, or their photograph might be unconventional (this week, look for the couple on the bicycles — they had a Universal Life minister).

Once in a blue moon you get a couple who had a Unitarian Universalist minister officiate. I always miss them, because I’m just not expecting them. So imagine my astonishment when I look to see who officiated at the wedding of the nice-looking middle-aged couple. I was expecting a justice of the peace (not many middle-aged couples in the Times, plus he has facial hair) — but not only did a Unitarian Universalist minister officiate, it was someone I know.

Congratulations, Michelle, for finally making into the New York Times. Now you have really arrived.

6 thoughts on “Playing the “who-married-’em” game

  1. Jean

    And, to add even more cache, the bridegroom graduated from Earlham College, in Richmond, Indiana! Small world!

  2. mskitty

    I do the same thing, Dan! And I noticed that Michelle was that lone UU minister myself. I’ll think of you perusing those columns next Sunday afternoon!

  3. Sarah K.

    I’m getting married this fall, by a fairly well-known UU minister who is retiring next summer, and who has been the minister at my home church for over twenty years (know who he is yet?). I have no intention of submitting it to the New York Times, but this kind of makes me want to see if I can get his name in print. :)

    Although, he WILL be proudly printed in the Boston Globe, of course. Home, sweet home.

  4. Officiant to the Stars

    But wait, that’s not all! The wedding took place at the same hotel the Pitt-Jolie Family is inhabiting. Oh yeah, that’s how I roll.

  5. Dan

    Sarah K. — Will you get married at First Parish? Hope the weather is perfect for the wedding!

  6. kim

    I once officiated at a wedding via my Universal Life Church license. It was quite a kick. More fun than I expected, though my knees were shaking.

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