Marriage equality in Mass.

This just in from the Religious Coalition for the Freedom To Marry:

SJC can’t force legislature to vote
Email Your Legislators Today
Come to the State House on Jan. 2

Good News. The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that it cannot force the legislature to vote on the anti-gay amendment on Jan. 2nd. Troubling News. But legislators are feeling pressured. The Boston Globe today reported that Romney is threatening legislators into advancing the anti-gay amendment by holding up their pay raises, which are supposed to be automatic.

It’s crucial to email your legislators , urging them stop the ballot initiative amendment when they reconvene on January 2, the last day of the session, by adjourning the convention.

Please email your legislators today. We have only 5 days to the ConCon. Click here to quickly find the contact information for your legislator(s).

Rally for Equality
State House
Tuesday, January 2, 2007
7:30 AM – all day

Bring your banners and wear your equality stoles and/or vestments. Encourage your congregants and friends to join you.

Consider yourself hereby encouraged to join me on January 2 outside the State House!

2 thoughts on “Marriage equality in Mass.

  1. kim

    My partner, who was born and raised in Boston, is muttering, “Start a recall petition.
    Start a recall petition. He can’t do that, it’s illegal….” in response to your post.

  2. Administrator

    Kim — Everyone knows that Romney’s only doing this to support his all-too-obivious presidential ambitions. (When he was elected as governor, he in fact stated that he would not stand in the way of smae-sex marriage, for Pete’s sake.)

    Everyone also knows that there’s tons of out-of-state money backing everything done by the opponents of same-sex marriage. There was a rally here in New Bedford in opposition to same-sex marriage — many of the people who participated were bussed in from out of town, they were supplied with expensive printed signs to hold up — whereas lots of local people drove themselves down to participate in a counter-rally, and all carried hand-made signs.

    It’s dirty politics at its worst.

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