Church choir jokes

I was at a singing event yesterday and today, and one of the other singers told me a church choir joke:

Q: How many church choir directors does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: No one knows, because no one was paying attention.

In response, I inflicted this stupid choir joke on the other fellow:

Q: If you throw the accompanist and a church choir member off the top of a tall building at the same time, which one hits the ground first?
A: The accompanist, of course. The choir member has to stop on the way down and ask the choir director which way to go.

Please accept my apologies for repeating these jokes here.

And here’s a joke about bass guitarists I heard today, included here for the benefit of Jim-the-bassist:

Q: Why did the bass guitarist’s kindergarten child flunk math at school?
A: When asked to count to ten, the child replied, “One, five, one, five, one, five, one, five, one, five!”

3 thoughts on “Church choir jokes

  1. Abs

    Obviously I need to read your blog more regularly!

    Thanks for the new bass player joke – I’ll have to choose my moment to use that one!

  2. Abs

    Well Dan, if it were my kindergartener, he/she would wouldn’t get past ‘one’ a lot of the time – just as long as he/she keeps the groove.


  3. Dan

    Jim @ 2 — You write: “if it were my kindergartener, he/she would wouldn’t get past ‘one’ a lot of the time”

    Rumor has it that the children of Louis “Thunder Thumbs” Johnson could only count to one. Because, like, you know, they could only use their thumbs to count with.

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