Roadtrip: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut

Hot and humid at midafternoon, with a sky that threatened thunderstorms later. I drove out of the Ferry Beach Conference Center campground and headed towards Biddeford and Interstate 95. Slow going through Saco and Biddeford, moderately heavy traffic on the interstate. After I turned on to 495, I could see that the northbound side had very heavy traffic, which came to an almost complete stop at the approaches to 95 north, 93 north, and 3 north; presumably vacationers heading north. It was hazy, hot, and humid, and the thick hot air made distant hills look bluish. I made a quick stop in Stow to eat dinner with Carol and her dad, and then got back on the road. Lots of traffic through Worcester, then a little less through the eastern hills of Connecticut, then more traffic around Hartford, along with heavy rain and lightning. The rain ended leaving a faintly pink sky in the dying light, then light traffic through the steep hills of western Connecticut. A maddening construction delay, then at last I made it to the motel feeling frazzled. This morning I was awakened in my tent by the sound of a Wood Thrush singing.

2 thoughts on “Roadtrip: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut

  1. Jean

    You are still welcome to stop by the farm if it’s on your way — I’ll send you an email with the barn phone number. (My cell doesn’t work up there — ah, bliss!)

  2. Abs

    Have a happy and safe trip!! And thanks for visiting us – we had a great time hangin’ with you!!

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