At about five o’clock, it had cooled off enough that I was willing to go out for a long walk. I walked out of my sister’s air-conditioned house in Acton, Mass., into the heat. At least it wasn’t unbearably humid; it was merely mildly humid and oppressively hot. When I got off the main road onto a side street, away from car exhaust fumes, I could smell the warm earth, the roadside plants and weeds, the occasional tang of pollen. I passed a hay field that had just been mowed, with all the cut hay raked into rows so the baler could scoop them up, and the sweet smell of fresh-cut hay overwhelmed all the other smells. Then I got back onto a main road again, and once again the hot summer smells were lost under the exhaust fumes. That evening, Dad said his digital thermometer had recorded a high temperature of 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

3 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Ms. M

    Yeah, not like that back here where I’m snuggled in fleece this morning. Foggy nights, hitting 70 when the noon day sun peeks through…briefly. Keep on drinking that water, and say hi to a lobster roll for me.

  2. Jean

    Wow — you guys have us beat! It was 90 here at noon. Right now it’s 92. But only 40 percent humidity. Not too bad!

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