Welcoming a new blog

In her first post at the new blog yUU’re a what?, blogger cUrioUs gUUrl talks about how she was a humanist until she had an experience of God a year ago. Speaking from personal experience, those transcendental experiences do have a way of breaking in on you and throwing into doubt long-held assumptions and beliefs. I look forward to seeing how this new blog develops.

2 thoughts on “Welcoming a new blog

  1. cUrioUs gUUrl

    Wow, Dan! Thanks for the shout out. Very gracious of you. I lived in the Bay Area for many years and while I understand your dismay of “brown” summers, I admit I still miss it often. Especially in February!

    Sounds like a great trip to NOLA. I’m sure they appreciate your attention.

  2. Jean

    Looks like an interesting blog. I posted a comment asking, essentially, this: What is a “personal, real-time, mystical experience of God”?

    Maybe you can answer that too.

    I’m very curious…

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