Finding a restaurant

At dinner time yesterday, Carol and I were in San Francisco near Chinatown. We started looking for a restaurant. We did not go into the one that had the touts out on the street corner passing out coupons. We did not go into the expensive one on the main tourist street, the one filled with obvious tourists. We had to dodge out of the way as a block-long cavalcade of German tourists came down the sidewalk photographing everything in sight. We ducked down a side street. “Let’s go to that bakery place with a restaurant in the back,” I said. Carol was willing, and we circled around. The tables had formica tops. The prices were reasonable, and our waitress was pleasant. They had congee for me and pea sprouts for Carol. There was a dad with a toddler and a little girl dressed in pink, a man in a coat and tie sitting alone, a big table surrounded by people in their twenties, some other middle aged couples. It was pleasantly noisy from people talking, mostly not in English. It was not fancy food. What more could I want from a restaurant? .

7 thoughts on “Finding a restaurant

  1. Amy

    Dan @3 — Really? Is there a code? Is the Mandarin for Little Girl in Pink the name of the restaurant? Or do you just have to know which place on a side street near SF Chinatown has a bakery in front and a restaurant in the back? ‘Cause this sounds like our kind of place.

  2. Dad

    Resembles the place in Boston’s Chinatown that my friend Jeff Wong took several of us to many years ago. He had to order for us in Chinese, and we all enjoyed it. I never could find it on my own.

  3. Dan

    Amy @ 4 — If you know HTML, it should be easy to find; Scott being far more fluent in HTML than am I, he should have no problem. Of course, all you have to do is ask me next time you see me.

  4. Amy

    Victor, Victor, Victor. Congee and pea sprouts (separately) are food of the gods! (Dan: found it. How satisfying that HTML turns out to be useful beyond posting photos on my LiveJournal.)

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