That innocent look!
Hermes had stolen the cows;
as Apollo thought.

Amazing. Hermes
is inside every cairn.
Stack up stones, he’s there,

ready to guide you,
patron god of travellers.
But I’m suspicious:

he’s mischievous, too,
the trickster god. If fog comes
and you leave the path,

or if your map proves
to be utterly wrong, if
you somehow get lost:

you should blame Hermes.
Or thank him. For all you know,
you’re better off lost.

When you come to die,
that’s when Hermes shows up next.
With his magic wand

he touches your eyes.
Next thing you know, there’s Charon
demanding his fare.

You spit out the coin
they left on your tongue, so you
can plead with him; but

he’s already gone.
Winged sandals are fast. You’re stuck
on the banks of Styx.