May morning at church

Rev. Scotty McLennan was the preacher here in Palo Alto this morning. After the worship services, dancer Robert Neff and and concertina player Paul Kostka led Maypole dancing. There was also an ice cream social sponsored by the senior high youth group, and the middle school class did a Morris dance (they made me play the Fool in the Morris dance, not because I’m the best dancer, but because they wouldn’t trust me with a stick). Ice cream, good preaching, dancing, hitting sticks — what more could you ask on a perfectly sunny northern California morning?

2 thoughts on “May morning at church

  1. Abs

    Maypole? Hmmmmm. When I was in college, Bryn Mawr used to have a Maypole AND a Mayhole for their May Day celebrations. Just to be fair and even. (Seriously. I’m not making this up.)

  2. Jean

    Earlham always had May Day celebrations. I used to avoid them. Scary things, those May Poles.

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