iPad mania in Silicon Valley

Carol took this picture of the line outside the Apple store last night. Yes, it was raining. Yes, someone brought a tent.

Right after she took this photo, Carol saw Steve Jobs getting into a silver Mercedes without a license plate. She turned to some people near here, and said, “Was that really Steve Jobs?” “Yes,” they said. “His car didn’t have a license plate,” she said. “Steve Jobs doesn’t need a license plate,” one of them said, “he has the iPad.” “We need a life,” one of the others muttered.

2 thoughts on “iPad mania in Silicon Valley

  1. Dad

    A person brought his new iPad and showed it off during the coffee hour after this morning’s service. (UU’s do like technology) The display is bright and has good color rendition. When viewing the pages of a downloaded book the contrast was much better than in a Kindle. Even with my elderly eyesight I could easily read the text. The virtual keyboard is good sized and, thus, is easy to use. I am uncomfortable with the swipe across the screen method of navigation; but to each his own. I’ll continue to use my conventional laptop computer.

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